Scientific co-operation:

The Institute's scope of operation is focused on fundamental and basic research and transfer of the accumulated knowledge into the education process. Comprehensive and interdisciplinary system of basic studies in addressed to important problems of electrical engineering. The modes of investigation contain both experimental and theoretical approach, including substantial effort on elaborating new methods of investigation in particular in the field of superconducting and plasma technologies. The research activities of the Centre also aim at supporting modernization of Polish industry and engineering sector by promoting new more economical and safe technologies for the application in power engineering. The cooperation with foreign partners has a longstanding tradition. The Centre has active connections to institutions in United Kongdom, France, Germany, Japan, Finland, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, Tschech Republic, Ukraine. The researchers of the Institute already actively participated in scientific networks supported by the European Community - the Institute coordinated 3 TEMPUS Programmes in the period of 1990-1999.


Co-operation with industrial partners:

The staff engaged in the Centre activity have a longstanding experience in mutual cooperation and collaboration with industrial partners. Such cooperation led to the realization of a great number of dual research and implementation projects, expertise, studies, trainings of considerable economic profits. The Centre is established to facilitate innovation and technology transfer towards industry. It plays an increasingly important role in the development of new technologies, development of modern methods applied in power engineering. The Centre of Excellence ASPPECT will response to various demands from power engineering industry.