University of Cambridge


Postgraduate Superconductivity Winter School

Monday 10 – Friday 14 January 2005



The Winter School in Superconductivity, organied by the IRC, was intended as an introduction to high and low temperature superconductivity for new research students in physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering.

It was quite intensive, with about five lectures a day plus demonstrations and research seminars.


The lectures covered the following topics:

• Fundamental physical properties

• Experimental techniques

• Flux lines, type II behavior and heavy current applications

• Materials including heavy fermions

• Superconducting electronics


From left: £ukasz Adamczyk, Joanna Kacprzak, Krzysztof Janus, Janusz Kozak




Practical class (YBCO sample investigation and measurements)


Demonstrations ( magnetic levitarion ,  measurements of HTS susceptibility)


YBCO levitation, Oxford Instrument-magnetometer, Sputtering chamber, Josephson effect measurements, AC losses measurements