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Centre of Excellence for the Application of Superconducting 

and Plasma Technologies in Power Engineering


Institute of Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnologies
Lublin University of Technology  


Nadbystrzycka 38A
20-618 Lublin  -


Tel./fax: +48 81 53 81 289


e-mail: asppect@hostingpro.pl




The Centre of Excellence ASPPECT is the leading research unit in the field of the application of superconductivity in power engineering devices and the application of non-thermal plasma technologies for air cleaning from gaseous pollutants. The scope of operation of the Centre is focused on fundamental and basic research and transfer of the accumulated knowledge into the education process. Comprehensive and interdisciplinary system of basic studies in addressed to important problems of electrical engineering. The modes of investigation contain both experimental and theoretical approach, including substantial effort on elaborating new methods of investigation in particular in the field of superconducting and plasma technologies. The result activities of the staff are scientific publications and over 20 patents and copyrights. Modern technologies are presented to the engineers and managers from power engineering sector and disseminated to the society. In the last several years, these activities have resulted in the creation of a modern research unit, equipped in line with world standards and able to serve as a focal point of expertise in up-to date techniques of the application of superconducting and plasma technologies in power engineering.

Training possibility:

The Centre is the organizing entity of the international conference "Electromagnetic Devices and Processes in Environment Protection" - ELMECO. Special courses concerning superconducting devices and Plasma techniques are organised by the Centre. ASPPECT offers a wide range of training activities like Ph.D. studies, Workshops, as well as Seminars attended by remarkable foreign and Polish scientists.

Other info:

The Centre of Excellence ASPPECT is the leading training site on the application of superconducting and plasma technologies in power engineering that is focused on integration of the Centre with European research area through establishing networks, twinning arrangements, as well as dissemination of knowledge. The goal of ASPPECT is not only to strengthen the established international scientific position of the Centre, but also to build up the capacity of the unit as a potent research partner for Polish industry.
The establishment of ASPPECT enables to develop the research on the basis of international cooperation, disseminate the achievements, speed up the development of the region, and establish new links of cooperation between science and industry.
The establishment of the Centre of Excellence definitely adds value by implementing new programmes and solving specific problems indicated by end-users operating in the areas of the application of superconducting and plasma technologies in power engineering and can influence positively on the development of the south-eastern part of Poland, the region which was up to now less developed than other parts of Poland.